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Fauci definitively states hydroxychloroquine lacks efficacy against coronavirus

The drug hasn't been banned in the U.S., as in France, but Fauci is the first White House administration official to come out against its use for COVID-19.

WASHINGTON — The nation's top infectious disease expert, White House administration official Dr. Anthony Fauci, has come out conclusively stating that "the scientific data" regarding the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is "really quite evident now about the lack of efficacy" in fighting the coronavirus. 

Fauci's statements were made during an interview with CNN. 

As Politico reports, France called for an outright ban on the drug, not even allowing hydroxychloroquine to be used in clinical trials. The World Health Organization has also put a halt on clinical trials using the drug, for now.

The Lancet published a study of a multinational registry analysis of the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. The paper says it found that a benefit was not confirmed for the use of the drug when used alone or with a macrolide antibiotic, which is meant to inhibit bacteria. In fact, the study found that those regimens were associated with "decreased in-hospital survival." 

President Trump has claimed that he was, at least at one point, taking doses of the drug daily. 

As CNN reported, Fauci has insisted that his relationship with the president is not quarrelsome or contentious, but reports have surfaced that Trump has expressed the sentiment that Fauci doesn't appear to always be on his side. 

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