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Brunswick declares civil state of emergency, shelter-in-place order due to coronavirus, COVID-19

The 'shelter-in-place' order is effective for 7 days

BRUNSWICK, Maine — Monday night, Brunswick became the second city in Maine to enact stricter business closure rules amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Brunswick Town Council declared a civil state of emergency Monday night, enacting a townwide shelter-in-place order in an effort to 'flatten the curve' when it comes to the spread of new coronavirus, COVID-19

Under the new rules, all stores or businesses outside of a list of 27 “essential” industries, must close. 

The order is effective for seven days and is expected to be renewed. 

Click here for more information on what a 'shelter in place' order entails. 

According to the Press Herald, fitness centers, auditoriums, casinos, yoga studios, movie theaters, museums, private clubs, dance clubs, music venues, recreation centers or other businesses not categorized as essential are to close. 

Restaurants are still permitted to operate in the current take-out only style, but customers aren’t allowed to enter the establishment and must instead be met outside by employees. 


“What I'd like to ask everyone to do is I’d like to ask everyone to live their lives as if COVID-19 is already in your community,” Maine CDC Director Dr. Shah said Monday.  “What we know right now is even if COVID-19 has not been confirmed in your community it's likely there."

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