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Free app helps parents find engaging ideas for kids during quarantine

A project-based app, Zigazoo, was designed by a Maine couple, both teachers, to give parents a break from the quarantine classroom

FALMOUTH, Maine — Parents across the country are trying to keep up with their kids at home. With classes canceled, trying to limit screentime while everyone is cooped up in quarantine is becoming a challenge, and the arts and crafts supply may be already running low. If you are looking for another engaging option, there might just be an app for that made by a Maine couple who are both teachers.

Zigazoo is a free project-based application and it’s a way for parents to find fun educational activities that they can do at their home. The progress can be shared with other families and friends in 30-second videos. 

“Your kids are home all day long, there’s no preschool and there is no regular school for your kids, and we are feeling that very acutely at our household,” said Zak Ringelstein, the founder of Zigazoo. Ringelstein was a former Democratic candidate for Senate in 2018. “We feel like kids should have education in their lives, they have joy in their lives during this time, and as much as possible they're shielded from the effects of COVID.”

The projects are categorized by literacy, science, math, and arts and music. The first activity set to be released is how to make a volcano using homemade ingredients.

Zigazoo can be downloaded on the Apple App Store now. If you are an Android user, please sign up on the Zigazoo website and you'll be notified when it launches on the Google Play store later this week.

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