YORK, Maine — A community came together to raise money for a woman with a nerve damaging disease, and an unusual form of irritable bowel disease. 

The goal is to get 27-year-old Molly Banville healthy again.

"All I've ever known is for her to be sick, I pray each day," said Molly's sister, Cassidy Banville.

Molly is currently fighting for her life at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, in need of five organ transplants.

In 2015, she received two organ transplants, but her body rejected them.

Since being diagnosed with a nerve damaging disease, Molly's sister Cassidy says she is paralyzed from the waist down.

"She's now trying to fight to learn how to talk and walk and do the simple things in life that we normally can do," said Cassidy.

Molly's sickness and medical expenses have taken a toll on their family.

Her mom quit her job to be with her, and her dad who is a captain on the York Beach fire department also works three jobs to make ends meet.

"Bills are deep. We do have great insurance but still have other bills that have to be paid all the time. Her stay out there I have to pay for that every month," said Molly's dad, Paul Banville.

The fundraiser held today, was looking to raise $20,000 and spread awareness for organ donations.

Molly's family says the amount of support they have received is heartwarming, and they hope Molly will get the medical help she needs. 

"Everyone should be a donor. It saves lives. You don't think about it until its your family. That's the goal to bring Molly home," said Paul Banville.

If you would like to donate, you can make write a check to the "York Beach Fire Department" and put "Molly" in the memo.