HALLOWELL, Maine — Governor Janet Mills is continuing her fight to expand Medicaid for tens of thousands of Mainers Thursday.

Mills is set to give the opening remarks at a roundtable meeting with a number of stakeholders as well as health care providers and members of state health organizations.

This comes after Mills signed 'Executive Order One' directing DHHS to move forward with the expansion last week–something that was overwhelmingly supported by voters but held back by Gov. LePage over cost concerns.

The order calls for DHHS "to develop and execute on an outreach and communications plan for enrolling eligible residents."

If the expansion goes through, Medicaid would be available to roughly 70,000 low-income Mainers.

"This thing has been pending too long," Mills said after signing the executive order.  "We are sending every signal we can to everybody we can that we will energetically pursue a state plan amendment and implement the law and the will of the people."

Thursday's meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m.