PHILADELPHIA — Former New England Patriot and Super Bowl champion Chris Hogan purchased 100 tickets for students at his alma mater watch their team play in the NCAA Division I lacrosse championship weekend in Philadelphia.

Hogan played wide receiver for the Patriots from 2016-2018, and before joining the NFL, played lacrosse at Penn State University, which played in the semifinal Saturday against Yale.

His wife, Ashley, played for the Penn State women's team, and with a group of alumni, helped send more than 300 students to the game in Philadelphia for free.

Chris played lacrosse at Penn State from 2007 through 2010. As a junior, he led the team in scoring with 29 goals and five assists, and was also a First Team All-ECAC selection, according to the NCAA.

The winner of the game plays the University of Virginia in the championship game on Monday. Virginia beat Duke in the semifinal earlier Saturday.