RALEIGH, N.C. — Good news and exciting milestones are better when shared with the people you love.

The Maine women's basketball team is doing just that this weekend when they play in their second consecutive NCAA Tournament. For the Black Bears, it's a family affair for two reasons.

The Black Bears see each other as family, but the players' own families are traveling far and wide to cheer them on. Families are coming from all over the world to see their daughters, sisters, and friends play the game they love.

"It’s great, you know, the championship game last week, Dor’s mom came from Israel and Fanny’s parents came from Sweden for the championship. It’s just so cool, our program is such a family oriented program so it’s so cool to see the families come and support, it means a lot," Maine head coach Amy Vachon said.

Sophomore forward Maeve Carroll's parents are driving down from Virginia for the big dance and Calais native, Maddy McVicar's dad is making the trip, too.  

The Carroll's do their best to get to all the games the can. The Virginia natives spend a lot of time in New England watching both their son play football at New Hampshire and cheering on the Black Bear women.

By doing so they're able to get to know the team and their families.

Vachon’s family is also here, her parents, brother and sister-in-law made the trip to Raleigh.

She says her parents always came to the NCAA Tournaments when she was playing, so it’s nice to have them here while she’s coaching.

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