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Father uses son's wheelchair to make coolest Captain America costume ever

Tommy Loredo Jr., 9, has always had to work a little harder to get around.

He was born with a muscle condition that stiffens his joints and makes it hard to walk. So as you can imagine, going trick or treating can be pretty tough for this little guy.

That's where Tommy's father, Tommy Loredo Sr., steps in. The Modesto father is on a mission to make his son's wheelchair the best Halloween costume ever—every year.

"Halloween is a chance for everyone to be something that they're not normally on any given day," Loredo Sr. said. "My son has a chance to not be normal every day. So, we make him the next level. With these fantastic costumes."

Senior designed costumes around his wheelchair so his son wouldn't be left out. The first couple years were Minecraft inspired, then there's was the Star Wars Storm Trooper.

And this year, Tommy Junior will roam around as Captain America—completely decked out with the superhero's classic motorcycle. In Tommy Junior's words, his costumes are "Pretty lit."

Despite his condition, Tommy Junior says he pushes himself everyday to get better. While it's a bit harder than most, and sometimes painful, a few years ago, he even began to walk.

"The one thing I was taught about being in a wheel chair is, I get to go fast," Tommy Junior said, "but I can't... I can't be in it forever."

For all his father does, costumes and all, Tommy Junior loves the guy "to the moon and back."

"One of my favorite things was when he told me he was proud of me," Tommy Senior said.

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