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Portland school board will not make budget cuts to athletics, co-curricular programs

The board still hadn't decided late Tuesday where to make the cuts needed to get within the proposed $119.9 million total.
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PORTLAND, Maine — The Portland Board of Public Education voted 5-4 Tuesday night to make sure budget cuts would not be made to athletics and co-curricular activities in next year's budget.

The board was still debating how to achieve a zero percent tax increase in next year’s budget late Tuesday night. It has not yet been decided where funding cuts would come from if staff renegotiations for cost-of-living increases are unsuccessful.

“I’m very concerned that year after year we’ve reduced co-curriculars and we continue to go there,” said board member Sarah Thompson, who made the proposal to not cut further from the activities. “I feel pretty strongly that co-curriculars play an important part in the whole child and whole student. We’ve heard from many people how this keeps students in school.”

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