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Bangor school raises and releases Atlantic salmon

All Saints Catholic School students raised Atlantic salmon in their science lab and were excited to let them free Friday.

BANGOR, Maine — It all started in February when Atlantic salmon eggs arrived at the All Saints Catholic School in Bangor.

Students at the school spent several months observing and learning from the eggs as they hatched and grew into fry.

“We’ve been drawing what we see a couple days a week on Fridays,” seventh-grader Julia Collins said.

The students learned how to maintain the water temperature to match the Kenduskeag River, monitored the equipment, and documented developments.

It all culminated in the release of nearly 200 fry into the Kenduskeag River on Friday.

The seventh graders collectively said they learned a lot and couldn’t wait to set the fry free.

“They are really cute!" seventh-grader Lexi Hikel said. "It was kind of hard to see them go, but it was also really exciting because they are going to come back next year and make even more babies.”

All Saints Catholic School collaborated with the Maine Atlantic Salmon Federation to make the experiment happen.

The students hope their efforts will help Atlantic salmon populations reach a healthy level.

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