AUGUSTA, Maine (NECN)-- Matt Light, former Patriots offensive tackle came to Maine to visit with Governor Janet Mills and school kids for the "Fuel up to Play 60" initiative.

The initiative promotes healthy eating, physical activity and encourages kids to be leaders at school.

On the lawn of the Governor's mansion, students asked Light about food, football and Maine. 

Light said Tom Brady and Drew Brees tied for the two most competitive people he's ever met. As for food, Light said he enjoys wild meat and game he hunts or butchers himself.

"Everything that goes into a hunt is enjoyable. The preparation, the stand location, the food plots. Everything that hunters do to gain an edge on an animal that's far smarter than I'll ever be is exciting but once you do harvest an animal; how do you really honor that animal and make great use of everything? Whether that's boiling the bones for stock and trimming it perfectly so you can serve it for your friends or family or yourself." Said Light.

When asked about Maine, Light said he enjoys hunting in Jackman and wishes he could fish in the state more often.