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Cell phone bill aims to restrict student's phone use in Maine schools

The cell phone bill would only allow students to make emergency calls in the school's main office.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Kids using cell phones is a bane for many teachers across all age groups in Maine, but a new law aims to change that. 

Lawmakers in Augusta are trying to pass a bill that would restrict cell phone use by students during school hours. 

While Many schools across the state already have rules restricting kid's cell phone use, some schools or classrooms have a hard time enforcing them.

LD 965 'An Act To Restrict Cell Phone Use by Student While in School' is a bill that would require the Dept. of Education to adopt a major substantive rule restricting student's cell phone use during classroom time, lunch breaks or transition time between classes. The bill would only allow students who have an emergency to use their cell phones in the main office of the school.

The bill says a school may implement its own policy as long as it is as restrictive as the Education Department's rule. 

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