MADISON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Millions of people in North America witnessed one of Mother Nature's most spectacular events -- a solar eclipse. One Mainer anxious to see this amazing sight has a special reason for her interest; her grandmother's solar eclipse glasses from 1925.

"I thought they were really neat and they had her writing on it," Holly Shaw said. "These were well worth saving."

Shaw holds onto everything -- especially when it comes to family photos.Over the years she's inherited quite the collection of family memorabilia. She found the glasses mixed with family photo's almost ten years ago -- she never expected that they would come in handy.

"I just packed them away," Shaw said. "With the eclipse today on my birthday I thought I think I can find those glasses."

Her grandmother would have used them to see the solar eclipse that took place January 24, 1925. There is only one known landscape photo of that event -- a moment in history captured forever, which is something Shaw can appreciate.

"I don't think enough people are saving history for me it's important," Shaw said. "I think more people need to do it."

A total solar eclipse doesn't happen often, but Shaw says when the next one does take place she's going to make sure her family gets to watch it the same way she and her grandmother did. "I am going to save this for my granddaughters," Shaw said. "I'm gonna write the time down like my grandmother did and pass them down."