AUGUSTA, Maine — Flossing may be good for your teeth but it's bad for the pumps at the sewage treatment facility and the pipes and plumbing in your home.  

The Greater Augusta Utility District reminds us to throw away your floss, not flush it. The utility district says, "We keep finding floss in the sewers and it trashes our pumps. Stop flushing the floss!" 

According to, dental floss isn’t biodegradable and while one small piece of floss may not seem like much,  just think about what happens when a whole bunch of it starts to tangle together.

While we're on the subject, also listed the 10 things you should never flush down the toilet:

1  Floss

2  Grease, Oil & Fat

3  Band-Aids

4  Medication

5  Disposable/flushable wipes

6  Tampons/pads

7  Paper towels

8  Condoms

9  Hair

10 Kitty litter

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