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Watch out for car part theft, Portland police say

Police in Portland are warning car owners about the increase of catalytic converters theft in Maine and around the country
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PORTLAND, Maine — The Portland Police Department is warning the public to keep an eye on their cars as catalytic converters thefts are on the rise in Maine and all over the country.

The stolen parts are usually sold for cash, police said. Officials continue to investigate these crimes but have found that smaller sedans, as well as buses and box trucks that are parked overnight, are often targeted. 

Car owners are advised by police to park in well-lit areas and to make sure car alarms are working. The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators said owners should consider adding extra safety features to their cars, like engraving VIN or license information into the converter, using exhaust spray paint to mark with identifiable tag information, or by buying “ultra destruct labels” that break if someones tried to remove them, which also leaves ID info engraved into the surface. 

If you notice any suspicious activity involving cars, call Portland police at 207-874-8575.

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