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Vanished | Where is Ayla Reynolds?

The toddler was last seen Dec. 16, 2011, in Waterville. She was never found.

Zach Blanchard (NEWS CENTER Maine)

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Published: 6:30 PM EST December 29, 2022
Updated: 10:14 AM EST December 29, 2022

It has been more than a decade since Ayla Reynolds vanished from a home in Waterville, Maine. Even after all these years, the image of her smiling face has not been forgotten. The disappearance of the 20-month-old sparked the largest investigation in state history, but there she was never found. It is a mystery that has captured the minds of people all across the state and even the country. 

In this special, our team goes back through every piece of reporting since the day Ayla went missing. We retrace the steps of investigators, her family, and journalists in the hopes of shining a light on a case that still just does not make sense. The question remains: Where is Ayla?

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