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Landlord-tenant violent disturbance results in two arrests

Sheriffs say when they arrived the male tenant was assaulting the female landlord. They say he then punched a deputy in the face before escaping out a window.
Credit: Cumberland County Sheriffs

STANDISH, Maine — Two men were arrested Thursday after a violent altercation between a female landlord and a male tenant.

Deputies say they arrived in the middle of the assault between John Siciliani, 34, and his landlord at 2 Deerfield Lane in Standish. They forced their way into the home and when they tried to arrest Siciliani, they say he punched a deputy in the face and escaped out a window. K-9's were released and tracked him not far from the home. Deputies arrested him after tazing him twice. 

Siciliani was wanted on an unrelated felony arrest warrant and has a significant criminal history involving violence with weapons and assaults, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. 

John Siciliani - 34 years-old - Standish

Credit: Cumberland County Sheriff's Office

Deputies say Christopher Webster, 41, of Standish was also in the home at the time and had locked himself in a bedroom to avoid arrest on an unrelated arrest warrant. He was not involved in the alleged assault.

Christopher Webster - 41 years old - Standish 

Credit: Cumberland County Sheriff's Office

According to officials, the homeowner suffered only a minor injury and Siciliani was not injured during the arrest with tazers. 

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Siciliani is charged with aggravated assault, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, assault on an officer, refusal to submit to arrest, and assault class D. There will be no bail because of the probation revocation warrant. 

Webster is charged with domestic violence and bail was set at $1000 cash. 

Cumberland County Sheriffs were assisted by the Windham Police and Maine State Police.