CANAAN, Maine — This summer is the 13th year anniversary of a Canaan woman’s disappearance. 

Maine State Police posted a reminder about the missing person case on their Facebook page Monday.

Police say during the summer of 2006, Shirley Moon-Atwood was living with her husband, Shannon Atwood, on Hartland Road in Canaan.

On July 15, State Police started a missing person investigation to determine the whereabouts of Cheryl Murdoch, who had recently moved in with Shannon Atwood at that same address about the same time that Shirley Atwood vanished. Cheryl's body was located in August of 2006.

The State Police continued to investigate in an attempt to locate Shirley Moon-Atwood. Shannon Atwood was later charged with the murder of both Cheryl and Shirley but prior to trial, the charge of murder was dismissed without prejudice with respect to Shirley. Shannon Atwood was convicted in the murder of Cheryl Murdoch.

Shannon Atwood
Shannon Atwood was convicted in the murder of Cheryl Murdoch in 2007.

Extensive searches have not located Shirley Moon-Atwood.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Shirley Moon-Atwood you can contact the Maine State Police  Major Crimes Unit  Central at 36 Hospital Street, Augusta, ME 04330 or call them at 207-624-7143.

You may also report information about this crime using the leave-a-tip form at the link here.