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Several boats damaged in OUI crash

Three boats were damaged in the parking lot of New England Water Sports in Naples, causing an estimated $75,000 worth of damages.

NAPLES, Maine — Several boats were damaged after a driver, operating under the influence, drove off the road and into the parking lot of New England Water Sports in Naples. 

Police say it happened just past midnight, in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 15.  

The business is located at the intersection of Route 302 and Kansas Rd. in Naples.

Police say a driver failed to make a turn, left the road, and hit a motorboat sitting on a trailer in the parking lot. The force pushed the boat and trailer into another boat, and the second boat was pushed into a third boat.

The driver took off on foot. About an hour later, police found and arrested 32-year-old Timothy Cotreau of Bridgton. 

Police say there is varying damage and repair costs are estimated at around $75,000. 

Captain Donald Foss with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office writes in the press release: 

"This crash serves yet another reminder of the serious dangers of driving under the influence.  Fortunately, no innocent parties were injured or killed in this case, however, property of others was needlessly damage.  The costs associated with this incident will be much more than simply owing a favor to a friend or family member for a ride. 

 Although drunk driving is not a seasonal problem, both the Sheriff’s Office and our law enforcement partners will be adding more patrols in the coming months for purposes of targeting impaired drivers. The arrest of intoxicated drivers continues to be a high priority for deputies protecting our communities."

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