ROCKLAND, Maine — A Rockland man has been charged with False Reporting after he posted on social media that his child's Halloween candy had been tampered with.

Rockland Police wrote on Facebook that 29-year-old Justin Sanford posted that a needle had been found hidden inside a piece of local Halloween candy his son had bitten into. 

The incident was brought to the attention of the Rockland Police Department and after further investigation, they said they found that Sanford had fabricated the incident and it was completely false.

The Rockland Police Department also wrote that while they do encourage parents to check any candy given to their child for signs of tampering prior to it being ingested, citizens should also be aware that confirmed cases of Halloween candy having been altered is extremely rare and that this local report has been found to be completely false.

The department's post also says "false Reporting is a burden on police resources and takes away time and energy that could be utilized for true victims. Any false reports made will be investigated and charged accordingly".

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