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Murder trial continues for man accused of killing friend in Gardiner in 2020

The prosecution called the only surviving victim, Caleb Trudeau, to the stand Tuesday.

AUGUSTA, Maine — The murder trial for Dylan Ketcham continued Tuesday in Augusta at the Kennebec County Superior Court after several weather events delayed hearings. 

Ketcham is facing multiple charges including murder, attempted murder, and elevated assault in connection with an incident in January 2020 in Gardiner.

The prosecution claims Ketcham murdered Jordan Johnson and attempted to murder Caleb Trudeau.

This is Ketcham's second trial after a judge declared a mistrial last fall. 

In court Tuesday, the prosecution called several additional witnesses to the stand, including Trudeau. 

Trudeau explained the three involved were all friends, but a dispute over a bike belonging to Johnson's mother led to the incident. He claimed a dispute at Quimby Field led to Ketcham pulling out a gun that was later fired and struck Johnson. Trudeau said Ketcham then attacked him with a machete.

Dr. Amber Richards, who works in the emergency room at Maine Medical Center (MMC), was the attending physician the day Trudeau was transferred by life flight from Maine General Hospital in Augusta to Maine Medical Center in Portland. Dr. Richards went on to describe Trudeau's graphic injuries to the courtroom. 

"He had multiple lacerations to both of his arms, which varied in depth, but they were all very severe lacerations and several of them included injury to his tendons and his bones," Dr. Richards said. 

Dr. Richards stated Trudeau was then transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital from MMC to continue treating his injuries. As of today, Trudeau has limited use of his hands, with only a few of his fingers functioning on his right hand and just his thumb can move on his left hand. 

Several of the other witnesses included Ketcham's sister, Alana, a friend of Ketcham's, and members of the Maine State Police responsible for collecting evidence at the scene and investigating that evidence in the crime lab. 

Prosecutors and the defense are expected to call additional witnesses to the stand Wednesday as the trial continues.

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