The York County Sheriff's office received a call on Sunday, December 23, where a homeowner claimed that an intruder was found watching television when the homeowner had returned home.

The intruder was identified as Derek Tarbox, 35, of Standish. The homeowner said that Tarbox had eaten some food, taken a shower, and dressed in the homeowner's clothing he found in the home.

Tarbox told the homeowner that he had made a mistake and thought the house belonged to a friend who had left the front door opened for him. The York County Sheriff's office said the front door was locked when the homeowner had returned home but it did not resonate with him initially. Tarbox convinced the homeowner to drive him to a home in Hollis.

Additionally, sheriff’s deputies, working with Maine State Police, found that Tarbox had stolen a vehicle in Portland and ran out of gas in Hollis, where he stole another vehicle and drove it to Bennet Hill Road where he went off the road and crashed it in the woods. Tarbox then walked to the caller’s home where he broke in through a rear door.

Police went to the Hollis home and the residents at that home stated that a relative, Derek Tarbox had been dropped off earlier in the evening and requested a ride from them. The relatives drove Tarbox to a house in Limerick. 

When deputies and troopers went to the Limerick location, Tarbox fled and was quickly apprehended without incident. Tarbox was still wearing the original caller’s clothing.

Tarbox was arrested on the following charges: Class B Burglary (Bail is $5000), two counts of Unauthorized Use of Property (Bail $500.00 each), Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident (Bail $500.00), Failure to report an Accident by Quickest Means (Bail $500.00), and Theft by Unauthorized Taking (E) (Bail $1000.00).

Tarbox was arraigned on Wednesday.  A judge ruled that he should be transferred to a mental health facility.

Tarbox is due to be back in court in March.