MILO, Maine — A Maine Police Department makes a plea to the public after it says two of its officers were assaulted.

The Milo Police Department posted on its Facebook page Saturday, November 16.

The post says, in part, "Yesterday, there were 2 separate incidents in which an officer was assaulted. Both of these instances were easily avoidable if the subjects involved had just complied with the officer. No one has the right to resist being placed under arrest. There is a process to follow afterwards if you feel you are being unjustly arrested."

"I understand that it's a really big deal to take someone's freedom away- believe me I do. Officers are trained and they take that decision to heart every single time they determine someone needs to be arrested. We actually look for ways NOT to make the arrest if it's possible. Sometimes there are no options. These are just my initial thoughts on this..."

"If you are being placed under arrest, don't resist. You have the opportunity to answer for the charges in court and can be exonerated if the State fails to meet their burden of proof. You can follow legal means if you choose to after that.
When an Officer arrives on the scene, don't charge at the Officer screaming and yelling. While you may be upset at the current situation, we don't know why you're charging at us nor do we know if you have any weapons. Just stand where you are and follow what the Officer asks you to do. We only know what the dispatchers relay to us and until we speak to you and anyone else involved, that's all we have to work with."

"Finally, if you have a warrant and we tell you that you have a warrant and you need to come with us, just come with us. The bottom line is this; you cannot fight with the Officer who is acting lawfully and is following their training."

"There aren't any laws that say you have the right to resist arrest. None of us look to have a fight and we all want to go home in one piece- even the person we've arrested. I wish I didn't have to post this stuff. Unfortunately sometimes I do."

The post has led to a lot of discussion on Facebook. 

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