BANGOR, Maine — Opening statements in the trial of Matthew Cook, 42, began today. Cook was charged with unlawful sexual touching during a May 2018 incident. The incident was between Cook, and one of his swimming coaches who was 18-years-old at the time.

The two traveled back to Bangor from Brunswick after a swim meet, the two were swimming coaches at the Bangor YMCA. Cook and the woman were alone in the car for the hour and a half ride. 

State prosecutor Joshua Saucier presented his plan to the jury. He said that he is going to present the facts of the case to let them decided whether Cook committed the offense he is charged with. 

He then called the woman involved in the incident to the witness stand. There, she described in great detail what happened during that car ride, and the relationship the two had. Cook has known her since she was 10-years-old.

Jeffery Toothaker is representing Cook during the trial, he urged the jury to listen to both sides of the story. He elaborated that the relationship Cook and the woman had led his client to believe his actions were warranted.

There was only one witnessed called during the trial on Thursday.

Matthew Cook Trail

The State plans to call at least one more witness Friday morning before the trial wraps up. The defense also plans to call at least one witness to attest to the character of Cook.

The trial resumes Friday morning and is expected to wrap up before the end of the day.

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