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Boston Police find rifle stolen from Maine State Police cruiser in 2018

Over the weekend, Boston Police recovered an AR-15 which was stolen from Trooper Jonathan Russell's cruiser in Norway in 2018.

BOSTON — Editor's note: The video above is from June 2018 when the guns were stolen. 

Maine State Police say a rifle stolen nearly two years ago from a trooper's parked cruiser was recovered over the weekend in Boston.

The AR-15 was recovered by Boston Police as part of an investigation in the city. The department-issued rifle, along with a handgun, was stolen in June of 2018 from Trooper Jonathan Russell's cruiser which was parked in the driveway of his home in Norway. 

The handgun was recovered a short time later and was not owned by State Police or the trooper, but had been seized in an investigation State Police charged a Massachusetts man last year with the theft of the guns. 

James Burns, 24, was arrested in Fall River, MA, and later pled guilty.

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