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Bail hearing held for Maine man accused of killing 2-year-old niece

A judge expects to decide whether to allow bail for Andrew Huber Young in about two weeks following Friday's hearing.

ALFRED, Maine — A Maine man accused of killing his 2-year-old niece and injuring his father and brother in a shooting will remain behind bars for at least another two weeks. On Friday, a bail hearing was held for 19-year-old Andrew Huber Young. 

Huber Young faces multiple charges in connection to the fatal shooting in May. Those charges include murder and depraved indifference murder in the shooting death of Octavia Huber Young, as well as two counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault in the alleged shooting of Mark Evans Young and Ethan Huber Young. 

On Friday, Andrew Huber Young appeared in person for the bail hearing. Judge Richard Mulhern is presiding over the case. Following arguments from the state and the prosecution, Mulhern said he expects to make a decision in about two weeks. 

Huber Young is being represented by attorney David Bobrow. During the hearing, Bobrow argued that when his client allegedly fired a gun into his family's home, he was not intentionally trying to harm his niece, Octavia, who died in the shooting. Bobrow said he did not have a clear view into the home from the outside of the doorway where shots were reportedly fired. 

"The brother was facing away from Mr. Huber Young. And if the court makes the determination that Mr. Huber Young was the one that pulled the trigger, that does not suggest intentional or knowing murder," Bobrow said. 

Bobrow also discussed ongoing disputes between Andrew Huber Young and his brother Ethan and evidence that needs to be reviewed about the alleged gun used.

A Maine State Police investigator also gave testimony and referenced interviews with Huber Young, as well as police reports. 

Maine Assistant Attorney General Meg Elam stated Huber Young allegedly waited for his mother to duck before firing shots into the home. 

"He did not have substantial regard for the people that were in that house when he fired that gun. That should give us grave concerns about his future dangerousness," Elam said. Elam argued Huber Young should remain in jail until trial. 

A judge is expected to review evidence and testimony from Friday's hearing and make a decision in about two weeks. 

Following the hearing, the grandmother of 2-year-old Octavia Huber Young, who was killed in the incident, said she wants to see Huber Young also remain in jail.

"This is the little girl that did die that night," Debbie Higgins said as she held up a photo of Octavia. "I want him to stay in jail where he belongs. He turned around and look at us, and he was cold."

There has not been a date set for any future proceedings.

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