PORTLAND, Maine — The man suspected of brutally beating a couple who are both 77-years-old in Bridgton on Wednesday appeared in Cumberland County Court Friday. 

Michael Holden was asked if he understood the several felony charges levied against him including elevated aggravated assault along with burglary. Holden's bail was set at $250,000 cash.  

A son and daughter of Robert and Margaret MacDonald along with their children were in court for the brief proceedings that took less than 10 minutes, no doubt to catch a glimpse of the man accused of brutally attacking their parents.

Margaret and Robert MacDonald
Robert and Margaret MacDonald were beaten inside their Bridgton lake home on July 10. Police found Michael Holden hiding on the couple's property and arrested him within an hour of the beating.
Amy Paradysz

The family declined to speak to NEWS CENTER Maine but did say that both Robert and Margret who were attacked at their 16 Inisfree Lane home are still in the hospital. A spokesperson for Maine Medical Center said on Friday afternoon that both husband and wife were in satisfactory condition. 

Holden lives with his grandfather not far from the MacDonald's home.

According to court papers, Robert MacDonald owns two car dealerships, one in Bridgton and one in North Conway, had gone to get the newspaper Wednesday, July 10, from his front stairs but it was not there so he left the door unlocked and went to get ready for work. Around 7:25 a.m. Robert heard a commotion in the foyer and went to check it out.  

Michael Holden
Michael Holden made his first court appearance Friday, July 12 in Cumberland County Court for the alleged beating of a couple in Bridgton.

Robert told police he saw his wife lying on the ground on a rug partially wrapped up in it, covered in blood and a shirtless, shoeless man. The man used a jade horse statue from the MacDonald's home to attack Robert as soon as he saw him and the man also had a knife he used to stab Robert at least twice before running away. 

Court documents show Margaret does not remember much of her attack likely because of a blow to the head but she did tell police if her husband had not intervened she believes she would have been killed by her attacker. 

Margaret has 35 staples on her head. She had an inter-cranial hemorrhage, cuts on her arm, a skull fracture and  significant blood loss. Robert suffered an eye hemorrhage, stabs on his ear and face causing facial edema and nerve damage along with cuts on his chest and eye injuries, according to the court documents. 

Robert MacDonald called 911 and shortly after police and crews arrived at the home, an officer found Michael Holden covered in what appeared to blood, hiding outside near the couples garage/guest home. Holden was immediately arrested. Police knew who Holden was because of his record which includes devious assault, theft, violations of conditions and criminal mischief and criminal trespassing. 

According to court papers, Holden was wet at the time of his arrest and appears to have cut phone lines to the home. 

A neighbor told police she had seen a man matching the description of Holden, not wearing a shirt or shoes get dropped off and walk down Inisfree Lane towards the MacDonalds home on Tuesday night. 

Later police learned that Holden was lingering at Secret Harbor Condos in Bridgton on Tuesday afternoon when he was asked to leave and given a ride away from the condominiums by an acquaintance who worked there. Ryan Knable told police Holden was making a condo owner feel uncomfortable and he gave him a ride. 

A condo owner, Claudia Bailey told police she overheard Holden say he overshot and had swam from the beach.

Knable said Holden was acting strange and appeared to be on a stimulant. When the two men were near Inisfree Lane, Holden wanted to get out of the car and Knable let him.

Holden will be appointed council and is expected to return to court in October.