YORK, Maine — One Maine family started a tradition that has raised over one hundred thousand dollars for different organizations- including the York Community Service Association Food Pantry (YCSAFP).

For the last 17 years, the Woods family has been stacking firewood to create a huge bonfire on Long Sands Beach in York to benefit people in need.

"That's just the type of people we are. It's what we do," said organizer Walter Woods.

"We brought a check down to the food pantry and saw how many people were sitting there in the town of York waiting for food donations. My wife and I were just like, wow," said Woods.

The Woods family raises about ten thousand dollars to help put food on the table for families with food insecurities.

The food pantry says the donation contributes to a quarter of their budget.

"We have really good fresh produce for everybody and special food needs that people have. We have a lot of vegan going on, dietary restrictions, so we want to make sure we can buy what we need," said executive director of the YCSAFP, Michelle Surdoval.

The Woods say the bonfire attracts more than one thousand people and they say to see all the support from the community is heartwarming. 

"Food is life. Without food we don't exist- we don't go on. To feed people it seems like a small thing, but it's everything," said organizer, Jennifer Woods.