VEAZIE, Maine — Veazie Community School has a flex Friday program that allows its older students to join different clubs and groups depending on their interests. 

One of the new programs that flex-Friday will include this year is “Modern Band.” The rock band is led by the music professor of the school, Michael Arell.

According to Arell, there are more students than instruments available for the high demand of students interested.

Veazie Community School needs your help to solidify the program and help all the students interested, to participate in the Friday program.

"If you played in a band and you are no longer playing your instrument, it is just sitting in the closet, maybe you can consider passing on that passion that you had for students that will appreciate it for years and years to come," said Arell.

The main instruments in need include both electric and acoustic guitars, electric basses, drums, keyboards, as well as amplifiers, and mixers.

Matthew Cyr is the principal of Veazie Community School. He feels confident that there are people that are no longer using their instruments or equipment and would like to donate their them to the students.

"We are not in a position to say 'Ok let’s go out and buy all the electric guitars and amplifiers or equipment necessary,' but I don’t want to put this idea to rest," said Cyr.


"There are a lot of kids that come in early in the morning just to hang out in the music area ... this is a comfortable place this is a fun place where they like to be and that's what we hope to keep," said professor Arell.

If you have any instruments or would like to sponsor an instrument for a student you can drop off the instrument or check at the school.

You can also send it to their mailing address:

Veazie Community School
1040 School St
Veazie, ME 04401
Phone: 207-947-6573

Veazie Community School is opened Monday through Friday. They request to please leave your name and address when you send or drop it off, students will be sending you a thank you card as a token of their appreciation.

Keep Music Alive is celebrating it's Annual "Kids Music Day" tomorrow.
Schools, music stores and organizations in Maine are going to celebrate the day by focusing on the importance of including music as part of a children’s education.

To find participating locations in your area, enter your zip code, city or state on the Kids Music Day main website.