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The return of 'Blockbuster' in Maine...well, kind of

Alexander Calder opened the first 'Free Blockbuster' outside his Brunswick home. Locations nationwide allow people to take or drop off movies or video games for free

BRUNSWICK, Maine — There are mini libraries popping up all over Maine and around the country. Someone builds a homemade box and then fills it with old or new books where people can walk by and take some home, or drop some off.

Alexander Calder said there are about five of them around his Brunswick home on Riverview Drive. He soon wondered, why not take that concept and instead of books, fill the box with movies?

He and many other Americans had the same idea. 'Free Blockbuster' is an initiative to open as many free movies and video game stands as possible around the country.

Like the mini libraries, the movies and games are free to take and new donations are always welcome.

"Everyone probably has a pile of something sitting around that they may or may not like, even if it’s an older movie that’s not your style, come drop it off, throw it in," Calder said Sunday.

He opened up his 'Blockbuster franchise' last week with the blessing from Free Blockbuster and with some help from an uncle who helped build the box. There are lights inside so during the evening hours, you won't miss it.

Despite there being several streaming options to watch movies now, there are some gaps this movie box can help fill.

“Not everything’s on Disney+, not everything’s on Netflix or whatever, sometimes it’s easier to grab an old DVD out [of the box]," he added.

Credit: NCM

Like many people, Calder had fond memories of going to the local Blockbuster near his house, renting some video games, buying snacks, and enjoying good times with friends. 

There have already been a few neighbors that have taken some movies out to watch and Calder said he hopes word gets out and more people take advantage of the free movie and video game options.

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