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Brunswick animal sanctuary holding fundraiser to support new 'kitty condo'

Casey Sullivan founded the nonprofit Sullivan Sanctuary of Maine two years ago. For her, helping animals has been a lifelong dream.

BRUNSWICK, Maine — A woman in Brunswick is on a mission to fulfill her lifelong dream and help animals in need.

Casey Sullivan's roots are in landscaping, but her heart has always been with animals. She started the company Organic Innovations Landscaping more than a decade ago with plans to use the money made in that endeavor to eventually open up a sanctuary. 

"I got to the point where I just needed to make it happen. If you have a dream that you want to fulfill and it’s something along these lines, just do it. Don’t let your life dictate your time," Sullivan said.

Two years ago, Casey Sullivan founded Sullivan Sanctuary of Maine. Through this nonprofit, she takes in animals at her home that are in need of a safe and warm place to live. They live in this free-range environment either permanently or until someone decides to adopt them.

"The passion for animals began when I was little. I was always taking in stray cats. I’m just an animal person," Sullivan said.

Sullivan said right now, she has 10 cats, four dogs, and two rabbits. She hasn't been able to take in any more animals because of a lack of space. Then, a friend found a used trailer online. They decided to buy it to create an overflow space for a few additional cats.

"We don’t like to turn any [animals] away," Sullivan said.

Janet Heard is a volunteer with Sullivan Sanctuary of Maine. She has been in animal rescue work for 20 years.

"Unfortunately, there’s never enough money, never enough foster homes, never enough places. We need help. We need help from the general public," Heard said.

It's why she thinks what Sullivan is doing is important.

"We need to be a team. We need to all work together to help these animals," Heard said.

Kelly Smyre is one person who Sullivan has helped. He's currently experiencing homelessness and is having a hard time finding an affordable living space that will accept his cat, Gabby. For part of this interim period, Gabby has stayed with Sullivan at the sanctuary.

"It’s like taking the weight of the world off of my shoulders. Gabby is my everything," Smyre said, later adding, "She’s sometimes the only reason I wake up in the morning, and knowing that she is safe and that I can get her back gives me the power to go forward."

To help pay for the trailer's renovations, Sullivan is getting creative and turning old masonry blades from her landscaping work into clocks. Anyone who donates $45 or more to Sullivan Sanctuary of Maine can get a clock. You can find out more here

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