SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — It may be Saco resident Bella Cowan's 100th birthday today, but she's certainly not feeling the number.

"Bella goes bowling on Tuesdays," said Cowan.

You heard that right, Bella still goes bowling every week, and nothing stops her.

"Don't ask me for a doctor's appointment, if I have to go to the hospital for something don't plan on Tuesdays, that's my bowling day," said Cowan.

The Saco resident celebrated her special day with more than one hundred of her family and friends. 

"It's kind of ridiculous, but look at them, can you say no to that," said Cowan.

Her spunky personality captures the hearts of everyone in the room.

"She's the glue that keeps us all together," said Bella's niece, Bette Novick.

She originally grew up in Bangor and then moved to South Carolina, which didn't last long. 

"I stayed 10 months at the end of 10 months I said to my son Bernard if I live here another day I'll die... I couldn't take the heat," said Cowan.

She says there isn't a secret to looking as good as she does, other than maintaining a youthful head of hair.

"I color my hair, God forbid I should have white hair, I can't stand looking in the mirror and seeing white hair. I hope people aren't offended, people who have white hair," said Cowan.

This woman has lived her life based on her one core value.

"Do the right thing, I have drummed that into the heads of everyone I talk to," said Cowan.

It's a message she will continue to live by into her hundreds.