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North Yarmouth woman raising funds to support older dogs

Laurie Dorr started Finally Home Animal Rescue and Retirement Home four years ago and wants to continue to support more dogs in Maine.

NORTH YARMOUTH, Maine — A home for older dogs is working to expand its reach and is fundraising to be able to help Mainers who can't afford to pay for vet care.

Finally Home Rescue and Retirement Home accepts dogs who are seven or older and gives them a final home.

Laurie Dorr quit her job and started the rescue four years ago. She said she has always had a soft spot for older dogs.

"I really have felt bad for senior dogs that have to go to shelters. You know, a lot of them are with their owners for a very long time, and then for one reason or another, they have to be surrendered," she said.

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland agreed that finding homes for older dogs is always a challenge.

"You come here to adopt a pet to have a companion, and when the animal is older you know you're not going to have as much time with that animal," Kyra Hunsicker from the Refuge League said.

She said another challenge is how much it costs to care for older pets.

"I think a lot of people know that when you're adopting an older pet there's going to be medical expenses that come along with that," Hunsicker said.

Dorr has been taking in these dogs for years but now she wants to help more senior dogs. Even those that don't need to live at Finally Home, but for things like, "to pay for vet care, maybe their medications, anything that's needed for these senior pups," Dorr said.

She now has two fundraising accounts both named after dogs who were near and dear to her heart and is using the money to help with these expenses.

She's working with Island Dog Brewery to plan a fundraising event next month so she can support more Mainers.

"I know it's really needed in Maine. I go to pet stores and other events, and people tell me how expensive vet care is," Dorr said.

Dorr said her two funds have helped three Maine families cover expenses so far. Right now, she's able to help people who live in Maine, have older dogs, and are at 150% of the state's poverty level.

She said she hopes to keep fundraising and keep expanding to help older cats and eventually all pets.

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