LEWISTON, Maine — The city of Lewiston has a new mayor, city council President Kristen Cloutier.

Cloutier was sworn in Tuesday night in front of the council, family and friends.

"She's a good worker and a hard worker and she loves this city." Cloutier's mother-in-law Terrie Clavet said.

Cloutier's swearing in comes a week after allegations came out against the city's former mayor, Shane Bouchard, who resigned from the position on Friday.

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The allegations came out at a city council meeting last week. Heather Everly Berube told the council that she had leaked emails to Bouchard during his 2017 campaign that gave him intel into his opponent, Ben Chin. She also claims the two had an affair and showed racist text messages she had received from Bouchard.

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Cloutier says she took time over the weekend to process what happened and is ready to get to work. Though she has no intention of pursuing the title after the end of the term this year, she is focused on getting the city where it needs to be and in place for a smooth hand-off of duties.

"My goal is to really do the best that I can and get it ready for the next person to move it forward," Cloutier said. "I'm happy and honored and humbled to be where I am."