BANGOR, Maine — Bangor police and fire crews were on scene Saturday morning after a car crashed into the Tom T. Irving gas station on Union Street in Bangor.

Police say the driver was an "older male" who is in stable condition. Officials say the man accidentally crashed into the side of the building. They say the man attempted to use his car's brakes, and mistakenly hit the gas.

A Tom T. employee was inside working at the time of the crash. She is also in stable condition. 

"It was just loud and quick," said Teresa Hodges, a Tom T. employee who working inside at the time. "There was no reaction time. It hit and then that was it." 

"The driver was rattled, the folks who were inside at the time were rattled. It's a pretty dramatic thing to happen when you're just standing there trying to pay for your coffee," said Bangor Police Officer Keith Larby, who responded to the scene.

Crews will be arriving in the early afternoon to board up the damage done to the side of the building.

This Tom T. location was scheduled to be closed on March 23, according to Hodges. She says the building was purchased and was going to be demolished. 

Hodges added that she and other Tom T. employees at this location will be working at other locations across the greater Bangor area.