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Not looking forward to tackling your errands this coming weekend? Dreading the possibility of facing the crowds at the grocery store, or having to clean the winter cobwebs out of the corners of your family room?

Blue Bunny wants to make it a little easier for you to get that work done so you can spend more time enjoying ice cream.

The ice cream brand is giving away a total of 700 digital promo codes good for a $75 credit at, the website that connects users with freelancers willing to do a variety of jobs.

"Since being an adult comes with responsibilities that can get in the way of fun, Blue Bunny is quite literally paying for America’s most boring, everyday tasks and chores – from laundry to house cleaning and more – so you can have more time for fun and ice cream!" a Blue Bunny press release states.

You can enter to win by going to and filling out a short form. The giveaway continues through May 31.


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