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And just like that...Lee J the DJ was born

A brief history of Lee Goldberg's DJ days.

Ever since I was a child, I have been relatively obsessed with music. My parents always played it in the house and music has, and still does, play a big part in my life. 

I would spend pretty much any money I made on records (and baseball cards). 

As my record collection grew I decided it may be fun to try being a disc jockey. So I added a microphone, a couple of record players, some speakers, and started disc-jockeying whenever I could. It was a blast! 

I ended up going to college in Henniker, New Hampshire (New England College) because it had its own broadcast radio station/WNEC and I had my own show starting freshman year. 

That’s where Lee J the D.J. was born. My sophomore year, I added a Saturday night show where I was the “K-Tel Kid” only playing songs from K-Tel compilation records (Google it) that I owned, which was pretty much all of them.

My senior year in college, I decided to do an internship at a television station (WMUR-TV) to see if I would like it and I have not done radio since. (Video killed the radio star/The Buggles). 

So there ya go! A brief history of how ‘Lee-J The DJ’ was born and luckily for everyone, eventually went away.