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A storyteller with a guitar, Peter Gallway is a troubadour.

He's walked these streets before, and he's returned and bringing it all back.

If you lived in the Portland area in the 80’s through the early 90’s and were paying attention to the music scene, Peter Gallway is a name you would recognize. A singer-songwriter who draws on personal experience to create his music, Peter released over 25 albums and produced twice that number. The stories he blends with his guitar, are often a reflection or reverie of times past. He has a way of drawing the listener into his Tom Petty style singing like a favorite uncle telling a tale. Peter sings about rural fairs and small towns, the neighbor next door becoming legend, the Jacks and the Dianes.

This is how memories are made.

Peter left the Pine Tree State for the better part of two decades, and has returned. He lives in the Mid Coast with his wife and is getting back into recording and playing music.

Peter Gallway and The Real Band are playing at St Lawrence Arts center in Portland, Maine on August 17, doors open at 7.



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