HAMPDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A pair of boaters were rescued after their boat capsized on the Penobscot River on Wednesday afternoon.

The two men were near Hughes Brothers when a nearby kayaker, Lisa Kingsbury, was going by and noticed water filling up in the back of their boat before it flipped. She said that after the boat capsized she saw the victims try to climb onto it when they asked her for help. She said that she then went to shore and found someone to call 911.

Just before 1 p.m. the Hampden Fire Department responded to the part of the river near Hamlin's Marina where the river's current took the victims. They were able to use a boat provided by Hamlin's Marine to rescue the victims.

According to Kingsbury although the water was not too choppy, it was windy and the water was very cold. She said "you don't want to be in it too long."

According to officials, the victims were wearing life jackets and no injuries were reported.