PORTLAND, Maine — The United States is the most expensive country to give birth in.

According to a new report by move.org, the average cost for childbirth and childcare in the US is $17,433 in the first year alone.

Maine is the 29th most expensive state, with childbirth expenses costing $6,827 and infant daycare cost $9,512, making the total cost $16,339.

The most expensive state to be a new mom is Washington DC. Average childbirth medical expenses are $6,724…and within the first year, moms can expect to spend over $20,000 dollars on childcare alone.

Two New England states took positions in the top 4: Massachusetts takes 2nd place, with childbirth expenses nearing $8700 dollars, and infant daycare costing $17 thousand dollars. Connecticut makes number 4 with childbirth costing around $9,000 dollars and daycare costing $13,000 dollars.

The study used 2017 data on the numbers of birth, and the figures are adjusted to include prenatal care. The basic costs covered regarding expenses for new moms are childbirth, and the first year of childcare. The data doesn’t take insurance information into account.

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