BOSTON (NEWS CENTER) — We've heard the anecdotes from Gov. LePage, Portland leaders and Bangor leaders — more needs to be done to attract young people to Maine.

The state's population is aging and more revenue from new businesses isn't something to complain about. So, how does one go about drawing those people in?

NEWS CENTER on Thursday traveled down to Boston to follow a group of Maine employers trying to find prospective hires. They think there is a talent pool in Boston that Maine businesses need to tap into.

To do that, members of Maine business groups boarded a bus in Portland and drove to an office building in Boston's seaport. Young people thinking about a job in Maine will be able to network there with employers.

"We've invited a broad spectrum of people, including college alumni," said Nate Wildes, engagement director for Live and Work in Maine. "These are folks who've spent four, six, eight years in Maine going to school and now are living and working in Boston. They know the quality of life Maine has to offer."

Employers like Bangor Savings Bank, IDEXX and WEX were present, among others. Their goal? To sell Maine's lifestyle – great food, outdoors, etc. – to other New Englanders.

"They're looking for an opportunity to move up here and find a job or they've got a startup … and they're ready to scale up from that desk to some square footage in an office space," Wildes said. "We're here to make the case that when you're ready to make that financial decision we've got a great network of folks already connected and set to help you grow."