SACO, Maine — Saco resident and landlord Brenda Scally manages ten Central Maine Power accounts. She said every account has something different that's a problem.

"This was the bill in question where either the read was wrong, or the calculated kilowatt hours used for that month was wrong," said Scally.

After dozen of unhelpful phone calls with CMP, she said she is fed up. She is now taking matters into her hands. She created a petition she hopes will force the Maine Public Utility Commission to cut ties with CMP, if it can't correct its billing issues.

"I collected thirty signatures. One of them being mine. It wasn't hard to do, people are frustrated with CMP. If they are not experiencing a problem, they know someone who is," said Scally.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission held a series of hearings in July to discuss the on going billing issues.

According to a recently released survey by J.D. Power, CMP ranks last in the nation for customer satisfaction.

Scally said the thirty signatures she collected were only from one day. She plans to collect more and said the way CMP conducts its business is unacceptable.

We reached out to CMP and the Maine Public Utility Commission for comment, but have not heard back.

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