AUGUSTA, Maine — Some state Democrats are proposing new double-digit taxes on certain alcohol purchases in Maine. 

The Taxation Committee held a public hearing on a bill introduced by six Democrats to raise taxes on spirits, malt liquor, fortified wines, and hard cider 

The bill, LD 1070 - An Act To Reduce the Number of Domestic Assaults and Suicides By Increasing the Tax on Alcohol, is being called "cleverly titled" by state Republicans.

The bill would raise taxes on:

  • Malt Liquor - 43% increase for manufacturing and selling.
  • Low-alcohol spirits - 21% increase for manufacturing and selling. 
  • Hard Cider - 43% increase for manufactured in or imported into the state. 
  • Wine - 66.6% increase for manufacturing and selling wine in the state. 

The bill would also add a 2% increase "on the value of liquor sold in licensed establishments" in Maine.