BANGOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Good news for job seekers nationwide. According to JOLTS' August report, there are 7.1 million jobs and only 6.2 million unemployed Americans.

Which would lead most to believe that it shouldn't be hard to find a job these days.

Two Maine universities had jobs on the mind on Wednesday, holding career fairs for specific majors.

The University of Maine's fair was geared toward engineering students, while Husson University was focused on law enforcement.

Students and recruiters alike at both schools had the same thoughts.

Victoria Sikorski is one of the many job-seeking engineering students at the University of Maine.

While she's only a sophomore, she's already looking for internships that will eventually make her more marketable.

"I think with all the mountains that we have here I think it would be good to capitalize on the wind combines," Sikorski said.

Maine is looking for qualified candidates that want to stay here to live and work.

"There's too many kids leaving the state. Good engineers and we try to keep them right here." Engineering recruiter, Shawn St. Jean, said.

"We're looking for anybody that has the right qualifications and like I said that wants to be a state trooper and work in Maine." Trooper Jeffery Taylor said.