PORTLAND, Maine — Janet Mills will become governor on Jan. 2, but she’s already working on at least one of her key issues.

The governor-elect on Thursday joined leaders of Spectrum Internet and the Portland business Sea Bags to celebrate a new, high-speed broadband service. Spectrum says the 1 GB service is available in about 300 communities around Maine.

The president of Sea Bags, which says it needs fast internet for design, marketing and moving large computer design files, says the higher speed makes a difference.

"This service will be 10 times the speed of our current service and allow us to quickly and safely transfer large files," said Beth Shissler.

Mills has made it a priority to improve broadband speeds throughout Maine, including rural areas. She said Thursday the new service is a start, but that everyone in Maine needs high-speed connections.

"We can open the state’s doors to future business investment," Mills said. "We can expand educational opportunity, we can expand tele-health and we can attract more people to live and work and raise their families here."

Mills says she is looking at various ideas for finding the money to pay for more broadband expansion. She says it will take a partnership between government and private business, as well as using any federal funds that become available.