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Drive to charge packagers for recycling, but industry fights

Maine was the first state to adopt this program in July after Gov. Mills signed a bill requiring producers of products involving packaging to pay into a state fund.

PORTLAND, Maine — States across the U.S. are looking to adopt new recycling regimes that require producers of packaging to pay for its inevitable disposal. 

Maine became the first state to adopt such a program in July when its governor signed a bill that requires producers of products that involve packaging materials to pay into a new state fund. 

According to the Associated Press: "the moves have ignited heavy pushback from several sectors of American industry where fears are widespread that the new laws will drive up the cost of doing business in some states. New recycling obligations could cause companies to pull out of those states or pass on costs to consumers, industry members say."

The AP says that pushback is also coming from industries that rely on packaging. 

The fund will be used to reimburse municipalities for recycling and waste management costs. Oregon has approved a similar bill that is awaiting signature from Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, and at least six other state legislatures have similar active bills.