The most popular gadget this grill season is a steal today, and it's just in time for July 4th! In my continued quest to save you time and money, I've collected MANY requests for smart grills and Bluetooth thermometers.

Rather than spend a ton of money to buy a so-called smart grill, today you can make any grill, smoker, BBQ, stove, kitchen or oven much smarter for $40.

You can now monitor your cooking from your smartphone with a Bluetooth thermometer that goes beyond what most competitors offer. You get two probes to cook anything from steak to burgers or sea bass - and the whole system I tested is expandable!

Select your level of "doneness" on the app, and then you'll get an alert when your food has reached that temperature.

Click the play button to watch me put the Kisslink Smart Grill to the test.

- 100-foot wireless range!
- Includes two probes
- Smartphone alerts prevent over-cooking
- Perfect professional chef temperature cooking
- Put the probe into your favorite food and let technology take over
- Heat safe up to 482 degrees: smoker and oven-safe!
- Bright LED display allows you to monitor food with a quick glance
- Extremely simple app
- Expandable up to 6 probes so you can monitor 6 different proteins at once
- Lowest-recorded price today
- Tested far better than competing products at triple the price

$30 Off Smart Grill Pro Wireless Thermometer + 2 Probes + Free Shipping
Was: $69.99
Now: $39.99

Want one for free? Click here for a chance today.

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