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'He was violated': Mom says 7th grader emotional wreck after being videotaped using bathroom

"It was airdropped to other students and posted online for other people to see ... All the students were talking about it laughing, picking on him."

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — The mother of a seventh-grade student says her son is an emotional wreck after he was reportedly filmed using the bathroom at Baldwin Junior-Senior High School this month.

"I'm extremely upset about what happened," said Latasha Gray. "He doesn't want to be in class, he doesn't want to go to school, he asks me everyday now do I want to homeschool him."

Feb. 13, he was using the bathroom at school when the unthinkable happened.

"My son was video recorded while he using the restroom ... unbeknownst to him," she said.

The video is a clear violation of his privacy. 

The student was in the bathroom stall behind closed doors. He had just finished what he was doing and heard giggling and looked up and saw another student recording the entire event, much to his surprise, his mom said.

"He was violated," said Gray.

What happened afterward was even more embarrassing because the video was posted on social media.

"It was airdropped to other students and posted online for other people to see," said Gray. "Before school even let out, all the students were talking about it laughing and picking on him."

School Board Police investigated and the student who filmed the video was suspended five days. Gray is concerned about her son's welfare.

On Your Side reached out to the Duval County School Board. A spokesperson told us:

We have a legal and ethical obligation to protect the privacy and dignity of our students. This does limit what we can say, particularly in regards to school discipline, which is a confidential student record. But I can tell you that Baldwin immediately referred this matter to law enforcement and worked with police to investigate and ensure appropriate action took place. The school has also been in communication with the families of the students to discuss continued intervention. Mental and emotional health resources are available for all students, and we encourage parents and students to reach out to their school leadership for assistance in getting connected to care.

The school will reach out to Gray to let her know that counseling is available to her son.

Gray wants the student behind the recording expelled or sent to an alternative school. No word if the school board will do it; how students are disciplined are part of his/her confidential record.