CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General have been formally fined by the state of New York for selling expired over-the-counter drugs and obsolete products.

Our NBC Charlotte Defenders team has confirmed North Carolina attorney general Josh Stein is now reviewing the settlement, and Defender Savannah Levins even found some of those expired products still being sold on local shelves. 

New York’s attorney general announced this week the three dollar store giants settled for a combined $1.2 million.

Dollar General paid $1 million of the total settlement because they faced the additional charge of selling obsolete motor oil deemed unsuitable for cars built after 1988.

North Carolina-founded Family Dollar and parent company Dollar Tree paid out $100,000 of the settlement and agreed to more aggressively seek out and remove expired products from shelves.

But at some local Family Dollars, the NBC Charlotte Defenders found several products well past their expiration dates.

The NC board of pharmacy said it's illegal for stores to sell expired medicines.

After NBC Charlotte's request for comment, a Family Dollar spokesperson responded simply, "We are not interested in providing a statement or comment."

North Carolina’s attorney general, Josh Stein, confirmed his office is reviewing the New York settlement.

Meanwhile, medical professionals urged all customers to take matters into their own hands and always check the date for yourself before checking out.

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