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This is the last major TV sale you will see until Prime Day 2019. Several days ago, in my list of "What Not To Buy In April," I mentioned that despite a trickle of clearance March Madness TV sales, July will be your next best time to buy.

TV deals are generally not great in April, they barely exist in May, they are not reduced in June and then that brings us to Prime Day.

If you cannot wait until July to purchase a TV, today will be your best bet, albeit not all TV's on sale have the best specs. As you know, I test a ton of televisions throughout the year. Those 4K powerhouses generally have the top displays, specs and processors. Today, it's a mixed bag.

The Walmart TV clearance sale is a concoction of high-end brands and low end offerings. If the vast majority of what you watch is not in 4K or you don't care (and HD is still wonderful), a Sharp 40-inch 1080p Smart TV for $219.99 is fantastic.

If you're not too particular about brands and the thought of a 32-inch TV for $124 with Roku built-in is enticing, I would certainly make a move. Meanwhile, this is a great deal on a 65-inch slightly off-brand TVs with Roku.

Please keep in mind that prices can change in an instant and while some televisions will ship for free, others have store pick-up with not all models available in all zip codes.

If you need something with the best specs and a brand like Samsung or Sony, I would wait for Prime Day. If you're accepting of a lesser-known brand or even able to score one of the LG or Toshiba TV deals that I see right now, this clearance sale is solid! 


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